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Logo Apollo x Dubai
Logo Apollo x Dubai

March 03 –  March 05

The installation will be open to visitors only on March 5

Step into the NFT video installation at TODA

A project by

in collaboration with


Cocktail on

Sunday, March 05

2 PM – 8 PM

(By invitation only)

Technology powered by 4art


toda  – Theater of digital art

Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai

NFT and


4ARTechnologies is a market leader in authenticity, security, and transparency for the art world. 4ART will authenticate the physical marble sculpture and NFT artwork through their NFT+ technology, making the collector experience a one-of-a-kind purchase, digital and physical, and one-of-a-kind proof of uniqueness through the blockchain certification. 4ART’s process has legally binding documents that transparently state the enclosed rights and privileges as part of the NFT+ metadata. Stored on the Ethereum blockchain. 4ART offers the patented digital fingerprint for physical art, securely connecting it to its NFT. Digital artworks are identified with a forensic watermark, providing the same high level of safety.