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Drop n.02 has landed


– Monaghan


n.02 NFT+


Launched on Foundation in March 2022

Sculpture Drop


In this baroque vignette, the iconic Apollo Belvedere is re-imagined with capitonné, a luxurious furniture-like skin. This rendition of the famous bust is a study in contrasts between the virtual and physical, in a futuristic yet classical interior environment.

Surveillance Allegory


Surveillance Allegory is a surreal combination of soft fabrics, baroque architecture, and surveillance equipment. Contrasting the past with an uncertain future, the work poses the question: “How do we envision tomorrow?”

The Art of Vaporwave


Nostalgia and the history of digital art come together in this baroque homage to the Vaporwave aesthetic. The Apollo Belvedere is present between different dimensions, as the connecting protagonist of the digital art landscape.

NFT and


4ARTechnologies is a market leader in authenticity, security, and transparency for the art world. 4ART will authenticate the physical marble sculpture and NFT artwork through their NFT+ technology, making the collector experience a one-of-a-kind purchase, digital and physical, and one-of-a-kind proof of uniqueness through the blockchain certification. 4ART’s process has legally binding documents that transparently state the enclosed rights and privileges as part of the NFT+ metadata. Stored on the Ethereum blockchain. 4ART offers the patented digital fingerprint for physical art, securely connecting it to its NFT. Digital artworks are identified with a forensic watermark, providing the same high level of safety.




– Visionnaire


Visionnaire is a meta-luxury brand that has become the benchmark and frontrunner in the sector of Made in Italy interior design. The company finds its roots in the timeless heritage of artisanal wisdom, cultivated by the company and its stakeholders. All of which contributes to Visionnaire’s act of transformation of high-quality materials into products for high-end environments which gives significance to the “experience factor”. This NFT+ collection creates a dynamic addition to Visionnaire NFT’s portfolio of artwork on the blockchain due to the physical and digital duality protected through a blockchain certification process. The purchase of this art redefines and enhances the user experience, immediately satisfying a collector with a tangible artistic investment while simultaneously immersing them into the web3 community with a one-of-a-kind digitized collectible piece of art.





What are NFTs?

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are a type of cryptographic token on Blockchain that represents a unique digital or real asset. The blockchain verifies ownership, provenance, and transaction history in relation to the NFT. The benefit is that the NFT are unique given their non-replicable code.

What is a Whitelist?

A list of active community members who get early and guaranteed access to mint at a specific date and window of time. Need to know where to start? Subscribe to to be added
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Buy Art Safely

Purchasing art should be thrilling but safe. Never share your Wallet private key or seed phrase with anybody. We will never send you links via direct messages on Discord or other nonofficial channels. Visionnaire will never contact you directly to offer support, but only to confirm your subscription to our Whitelist and Newsletter. You can buy your official Visionnaire NFTs only through Foundation on Johnathan Monaghan’s collection page. Only trust official information about our drops published on this website or Visionnaire’s social media channels.

How will I Buy the NFT?

NFTs can be purchased with cryptocurrencies Ethereum via crypto exchange platforms. Need to know where to start? 

Can I Resell NFT?

NFT are tradable and resellable through platforms such as Opensea and you are free to resell your NFT freely at the price you want at any time.

Sustainability and NFTs

Reducing our CO2 emission is one of our top goal while developing the NFT+. For this collection, we have partnered with Palm NFT Studio, a sustainable blockchain, to cover our impact during the process of minting. Palm NFT Studio has a 99% reduction in energy consumption compared to the usual method on Ethereum blockchain. Our second partnership with NGO Rete Clima will help compensate our CO2 emissions for the different aspects of creating the NFT+ from start to finish (3D design process, electricity consumption, technology, and transportation).



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